HOT Fashion Trend: Wearing Your Lingerie In Public

Published: 19th September 2005
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I was just reading an interesting article entitled Wearing Your Lingerie in Public at a website called Spicy Relationships.

What I learned was that wearing your lingerie in public is quickly becoming a hot fashion trend according to many experts that I have talked to. "Boy shorts sets, the lacey version of daisy dukes, can be worn around in lieu of regular shorts and tank top, but you'll want to make sure you aren't revealing too much. Boy shorts are definitely made to augment your "assets" and can be a great fashion statement." This gives me a great incentive to continue spoiling my girlfriend. Also, it should give other guys an incentive to spoil their woman. Women want to be spoiled guys.

My girlfriend Jessica loves wearing lingerie in public, and I actually love watching her wear it. She even wears thongs out in public. She says that if you are confortable wearing a thong along the beach, which is in public, then you should be confortable wearing it to the corner store with a camisole.

Does showing your thong in public mean you are having sex in public? No. Underwear is like what you wear to the beach, except one little difference. For women, it has lace. Jessica says, walking around in public in her lingerie is actually quite natural. She loves wearing it in public, and I actually love seeing her do it. She even wears thongs out in public. I personally find peek-a-boo panties sexy, though. Showing a thong is definitely an attention grabber. As my girlfriend constantly says to me an her friends, "I have a great body, and I want to show it off." Well said.

Her favorite is wearing a camisole and a thong combination to the corner store. She says that if you are confortable wearing a thong along the beach, which is in public, then you should be confortable wearing it to the corner store with a camisole. She also loves wearing a chemise out in public, especially when we go out to dinner. There are some styles that actually look exactly like and can be used as a cocktail dress. The people at Spicy Relationships recommend combining it with a fur top so you can expand your winter fashion options. For example, try combining the *Diva Divine* Chemise or the *Sangria Satin* Chemise with a jacket. By the way, I bought both of these for my girlfriend and she love them both, and wears them everytime we go to dinner.

So if you are comfortable wearing your bikini to the beach, then you should be comfortable walking around in your underwear in public. If you've got a great body, then be proud of it. Don't be afraid to show it off and make some heads turn.

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